Greenmeadows Intermediate School


(09) 267 6255 29 Greenmeadows Avenue

The school encourages students to have pride in their appearance and to wear the correct school uniform every day including when they are travelling to and from school.  If for some reason, a student is unable to wear the correct uniform, they should bring a signed note from their parent or caregiver to their teacher.  Often in these situations we will lend them the item they need for the day.

Uniforms are available for purchase from:

The Uniform Shoppe…………………  1 Ronwood Ave


The Warehouse Manukau……………. 54 Cavendish Drive   


         (please note, some items are not available at The Warehouse)

Boys:        School shorts (dark navy)

Girls:         Either school skirt (plain navy with pleats) or shorts

Boys and Girls:     School polo shirt

Navy polar fleece jacket or School ‘Letterman’ Jacket

Plain blue sports shorts for sports (optional)

Long pants (navy) for winter wear only

Black, navy or white socks

Sunhats:     Plain navy or black

Shoes:        Black or brown sandalsOR

                    Plain black shoes with black soles and black shoelaces. We prefer that students                     do not wear ‘label’ shoes to school and take no responsibility if students do wear                     them and they misplace them.

The school does have available a small supply of second hand uniforms which are sold for a small cost.  These are able to be purchased when the school office opens at the start of the year or during the year if replacements are needed.