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Most people are aware of the government's school donations scheme; schools who are part of this scheme are paid $150.00 per student on the understanding that they do not ask for donations towards the cost of curriculum delivery, unless it is for a school camp when it is ok.  Greenmeadows Intermediate has signed up to the Donations Scheme.  We understand that there can be confusion about what boards can and cannot charge for and this information is intended to help clarify things for parents.  

Greenmeadows Intermediate will cover the cost of anything to do with curriculum delivery that is part of the learning at school for everyone. For example, the school will cover the costs of Activity Week, all end of year team trips, any team trips linked to learning etc.  We also cover the cost of subscriptions to online learning (such as Mathletics) and for swimming lessons at the start of the year. 

Boards can, however still require payment for items or services that are extra-curricular (for example, sports teams, optional EOTC trips for groups) where the students' involvement in that activity is voluntary. In order for the Board to continue to provide these additional opportunities, we do ask parents to contribute some of the cost towards optional activities. These include (but aren’t limited to) things like: 

  • Travel to interschool sports tournaments when a student has chosen to be part of a school sports team. 

  • Travel to rehearsals etc for the school choir. 

  • Involvement in trips where students choose to participate ie Polyfest, Readers & Writers festival, Science Roadshow, Chess tournaments.

If there is a charge involved in an activity, we will always indicate that participation in that activity is voluntary.  If we were to stop charging for these activities, the Board would have to limit what is on offer for our students, and our community consultation shows quite clearly that the extra opportunities offered for students is one of the things they value most about this school so we don’t want to do that.  

In addition to the above, the school is allowed to charge for the take home component of the specialist programme and stationery; the total cost for both is $70.00.  

We also run a whole school camp to Totara Springs Camp in Matamata every second year (this will take place in May 2025) and we do ask parents to contribute part of the total cost of this so that we can continue to offer this experience for our students.

Should you have any questions about the school donation scheme, please do not hesitate to contact the Principal, Cathy Chalmers at school.