Greenmeadows Intermediate School

School Bus

(09) 267 6255 29 Greenmeadows Avenue

School Bus Route

Murphy Buses run morning and afternoon bus routes through the Everglade, Hillpark and Clendon areas as a public bus service.   They are not “school buses” as such, the difference being that the Ministry of Education contracts “school buses” for students who are eligible due to the distance they live from the closest school. Students can pay with cash or they can use an AT HOP card. Go to the following page for AT HOP card details: Below are the current services. They are subject to demand and may be changed. Murphy Buses Contact phone 2686620

Morning – Everglade to Greenmeadows

Route starts at 8.00am

Redoubt Road (from bus stop near corner Diorella Drive), (R) Everglade Drive, (R) Eugenia Rise, Orams Road, Browns Road (Manurewa High at approx. 08:15am), (L) Jellicoe Road, (L) Beatty Avenue, (R) Maich Road, (L) Station Road East, (R) Great South Road, (L) Myers Road, (R) Sterling Avenue, (R) Greenmeadows Avenue (Greenmeadows Intermediate at approx. 08:30am – bus stop outside school).

Afternoon –Greenmeadows to Everglade

Departs school at 3.05pm

Greenmeadows Intermediate School, Greenmeadows Avenue, (L) Myers Road, (R) Great South Road, (L) Weymouth Road, (R) Russell Road, (R) Browns Road (Manurewa High School at approx. 3:20pm), Orams Road, Eugenia Rise, (L) Everglade Drive, (L) Redoubt Road, (L) Great South Road – last stop 742 Great South Rd.

Everglade School Bus Route and Timetable Changes

Due to the closure of the Orams Road overbridge for the next 5 months, the Everglade school bus route and timetable will be changing from Monday 1st May 2017 (start of Term 2).  The temporary route for the Everglade school bus is detailed in the maps below and the new start time in the morning will be 8am.

These Bus Stops are new stops for the Everglade school bus:

Bus Stop 6035   Opp2 Great South Road, Manurewa    

Bus Stop 2143   761 Great South Rd, Manurewa

Bus Stop 6033   813 Great South Rd, Manurewa

The afternoon bus also has a route change but there is no change to the start time of the bus.  Signs will be put up at closed bus stops and at the new bus stops.

Morning – Clendon through Hillpark to Greenmeadows

Route starts at 8.00am

Mahia Road (from stop near corner Innismara Avenue), (L) Palmers Road, (R) Finlayson Avenue, (R) Burundi Avenue, (L) Roscommon Road, (R) Browns Road (Manurewa High at approx. 08:15am), Orams Road, (R) David Avenue, (L) Grand Vue Road, (R) Dennis Avenue, (L) Hill Road, (R) Claude Road, (L) Alfriston Road, (R) Scotts Road, Myers Road, (L) Sterling Avenue, (R) Greenmeadows Avenue (Greenmeadows Intermediate at approx. 08:30am – bus stop outside school).

Afternoon –Greenmeadows through Hillpark to Clendon

Departs school: 3.10pm

Manurewa East School (outside school), Scotts Rd, Myers Rd, (L) Greenmeadows Ave, Greenmeadows Intermediate (from bus bay outside school at approx. 3:10pm), Greenmeadows Ave, (R) Myers Rd, (L) Scotts Rd, (L) Alfriston Rd, (R) Claude Rd, (L) Hill Rd, (R) Dennis Ave, (L) Grande Vue Rd, (R) David Ave, (L) Orams Rd, Browns (for Manurewa High at approx 3:35pm – bus bay opposite school), , (L) Fellbrook, (R) Burbank, (L) Roscommon Rd, (R) Burundi Ave, (L) Finlayson Ave, (L) Palmers Rd, (R) Mahia Rd (to stop near corner Glenveagh Park Dr at approx 4:00pm)

Bus Behaviour

The bus is a public service operating outside school hours. Therefore parents have the ultimate responsibility for their children while travelling on the bus. We do, however, believe we have an obligation to promote safe and sensible behaviour. We investigate all reported incidences and concerns, following up with students and parents as necessary. Our information sheet outlining expected behaviour for students using buses is printed on the back of this page.

These are the current services.  They are subject to demand and may be changed.