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School Bus

Expected behaviour of students using buses

The bus is a public service operating outside of school hours.  Therefore parents have the ultimate responsibility for their children while travelling on the bus.  We do, however, believe we have an obligation to promote safe and sensible behaviour.  We investigate all reported incidences and concerns, following up with students and parents as necessary.  

The following guidelines have been provided to schools by the Ministry of Education.  They detail the behaviour expected of students when they travel on a school bus. 

Students who travel on a bus may continue to do so while they behave in a reasonable and safe manner.  The following behaviour is expected of students using buses to help make sure the bus is a safe place for everyone:

  • Seated passengers sit down straight away and remain in their seats for the whole journey.
  • Standing passengers stay behind the driver at all times, stand quietly, and do not push or move around the bus.
  • Passengers do not eat or drink in the bus.
  • Passengers do not throw objects inside or out of the bus.
  • Passengers use socially acceptable language when talking to the driver and or/other students, and speak quietly so they do not distract the driver.
  • Passengers respect the Bus Operator’s property at all times (eg refrain from standing on seats or vandalising the bus in any way).
  • Passengers do not harass, bully, or abuse other passengers or the driver in any way, whether verbal or physical.
  • Passengers respect others’ property and do not interfere with it in any way.
  • Passengers listen to and follow the requirements and instructions of the bus driver and the teacher/s on duty at all times.

Safety tips

Getting on the bus

  • Wait in the designated place – well back from the road.
  • Wait until the bus has stopped before getting on.
  • Carry your bag in front of you so it does not get caught in the door. ‘
  • If seated, put your bag (and anything else you are carrying) on your lap or under the seat in front of you.
  • If there are no empty seats, fill the bus from the back first.  Put your bag on the floor and hold on to a seat-back or handrail.

Getting off the bus

  • Wait until the bus has stopped.
  • Carry your bag in front of you so it does not get caught in the door.
  • Get off the bus through the front door if possible.
  • Get off the bus carefully without pushing.
  • Wait well back from the road until the bus has moved away.
  • If you need to cross, find a safe place, wait until the bus has moved away and you can see clearly up and down the road. Then cross.

Students who choose to behave in an unsafe and or unacceptable manner risk losing their place on the bus!