Greenmeadows Intermediate School

Our Curriculum

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Student Support and Enrichment

As an inclusive school, led by the Principal and Leader of Learning Support, the staff at Greenmeadows Intermediate are committed to ensuring that the necessary provision is made for any student who has special education needs.  The school believes that children with special education needs should be afforded the same rights as other students.  Individual programmes for students with special needs are delivered within the regular class setting, where practical.

The Leader of Learning Support has responsibility for the day to day co-ordination of provisions for students with special needs.  The school provides excellent support, drawing on the expertise of a range of personnel including:

  • Social Worker in Schools
  • Health Nurse
  • Resource Teacher: Learning & Behaviour
  • Ministry of Education; Special Education
  • Child, Youth and Family

We offer a number of interventions to support learners with special education or behavioural needs including:

  • Individualised and group extension programmes for students with special gifts and talents.
  • Additional support for those students with special learning needs which is not appropriately covered by the normal classroom programme.
  • English for Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL) programme to support non-English speaking students regardless of whether they are immigrants or were born in New Zealand.
  • Social skills development programmes for students who struggle to maintain positive relationships with their peers.