Greenmeadows Intermediate School

Our Curriculum

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Our Curriculum

The content of an intermediate school curriculum should look and feel different to what students have experienced at primary school.

The GIS curriculum is designed to: 

  • Foster high levels of achievement.
  • Include high levels of challenge and choice.
  • Strengthen critical, caring and creative thinking skills.
  • Incorporate e-learning.
  • Be student centred and relevant.
  • Be adapted to align with individual student needs

We prepare students for high school by offering a rich curriculum that is relevant, challenging and integrated.  We encourage students to make decisions and take full responsibility for their learning and progress. Students have the opportunity to explore new subjects while having the security of being attached to one class group.  English, Maths, Social Science, Science, Health & PE are taught by their classroom teacher.

At Greenmeadows, we also are able to provide a range of subjects for all students that are taught by teachers who are specialists in that area.  Currently, specialist programmes include:

  • Technology
    • Robotics, Digital Technologies (including 3D Printing)
    • Bio Technology
    • Food Technology
  •  Arts:  Visual Arts,  Music, Dance and Drama
  • Learning Languages:  Te Reo

In addition, we provide a wide range of extension programmes including:

  • Cultural Groups:  (currently Kapahaka, Pasifika, Bollywood and Chinese Fan Dance)
  • Performing Arts:  Choir, School band, Ensemble group, Ukulele group, Marimba group, drumming group.
  • Extension Art, Music, Science and Technology programmes for students with particular talents in these areas.
  • A rich Education Outside the Classroom Programme, including school camps and educational visits.